State Officers of The Washington State Grange

Officers of the WSG are elected every two years (odd years) except for the three Executive Committee persons, which are each elected to a three year term - one being elected every year.
The 2019 Washington State Grange Officers

2019 Officers of the Washington State Grange


Tom Gwin - Master/President

Tom Gwin
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 TBA - Steward


Pam Mathews - Chaplain Pam Mathews
South Union #860


Nicholas Oliver - Gatekeeper

Nicholas Oliver
Collins #893


Alexis Kudsk - Pomona

Alexis Kudsk
Haynie #169

Executive Committee

Duane Hamp - Executive Committee

Duane Hamp (Chris) - 2022
Five Mile Grange #905

Overseer/Vice President

Karen Jackson - Overseer/Vice President

Karen Jackson
St. Urban Grange #648

Assistant Steward

Tom Gwin - Master/President

Mike Beckman (Lisa)
Green Bluff Grange #300


Pam Figg - Treasurer

Pam Figg (Verne)
Steele Lake Highline #805


TBD - Flora

Director of Family Living

Helen Berg - Director of Family Living

Helen Berg
Sunnyside #129

Executive Committee

David Bryant - Executive Committee

David Bryant (Mary)- 2020
Elk Plain #782


Leslie Wells - Lecturer

Leslie Wells
Tualco #284

Lady Assistant Steward

Brittney Oliver - Lady Assistant Steward

Brittney Oliver
Moses Lake #1151


Terry Abbott - Secretary

Terry Abbott
Silver Creek/Ethel #150


Isabella Lierman - Ceres

Isabella Lierman
Horseshoe #965

Executive Committee

George Penner - Executive Committee

June Hendrickson(Jack) - 2021
Steele Lake Highline Grange #805