The State Lecturer and Program Director

Welcome to the office of Lecturer/Program Director for your Grange.

I hope you will find your work as the Grange Lecturer/Program Director rewarding. In this position, you have the opportunity to influence the future of our Grange through our educational programs, contests, and community service activities.

The State Lecturer Team has developed this program in hopes that we will have a little bit of everything. Surely, there is something in our program that is of interest to all Grangers. Some Grangers enjoy the educational aspect of our department, while others like the contests. It is important that you, as the Grange Lecturer/Program Director, find a balance in your Grange that will satisfy the needs of all of your members. It is your responsibility to determine what programs are appropriate for your Grange members and to conduct those programs for your members.

To truly do your job as the Grange Lecturer/Program Director, there are several other items needed to be a successful Grange Lecturer. These items are:

  • The packet of Lecturer information distributed at Lecturer Conferences across the state.
  • An open mind with the time and ability to devote to your office.
  • The support of your fellow Grangers who have put their trust in you to complete the duties of the office.
  • The ability to define resources for educational programs.
  • The willingness to define local issues and to bring these issues to the attention of your Grange members.

On behalf of the State Grange, thank you for your work as the Lecturer/Program Director of your Grange. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Keep up the excellent work!

Lecturer Team

Ann Fackenthall (Al)

Marilyn Armit (Ed)
360-983-3874, Mossyrock Grange #355

Davona Gwin(Bill)
360-987-2361, Humptulips #730

Gary and Tarey Kay
360-341-2208, Deer Lagoon #846

Carol Evans
509-535-1165, McIntosh #1001