The Junior Grange Program

The Grange recognizes that one of the greatest needs of young families today is a place the family can go together — where children are welcome.

That place is the Grange. Junior members conduct their own meetings, have their own ritualistic work and through this experience they learn leadership, initiative and good citizenship skills. Junior Grange provides an opportunity for children to build character, develop self-confidence, responsibility, and respect. Grange encourages honor, patriotism, and a concern for agriculture and the communities where the children live and play.

Junior Grange programs are designed to provide training for young members to take on leadership roles as they learn about parliamentary procedure and public speaking. They learn to serve on committees and have fun at the same time. Junior Grange members also create and lead teams to complete community service activities.

Many Subordinate Granges sponsor a Junior Grange. Children ages 5 through 14 are eligible to belong to the Junior Grange whether or not they come from a Grange family.

The Washington State Grange annually sponsors several summer camping sessions for junior Grangers and other interested children and youth.

We have available to FIRST TIME CAMPERS the Richard Kimball Memorial campship. It's for juniors that might not be able to experience camp without help.

We have available our brand new APPLICATION the Junior Grange Application.

Junior Directors

Junior State Directors:
Jennifer and Marvin Oliver

Junior District Directors

Eastside Program Directors:
Scott and Laura Lyle
509-338-0611, Columbia Valley #938 and Pine Grove #115

Westside Program Directors:
DAvid and Janelle Lierman
425-238-1502, Horseshoe #965

Junior Grange Programs

Current programs and contests include the following (complete rules are published annually each November in the Washington State Grange Program Handbook):

  • Creative Art
  • Creative Writing
  • Scrap Book Page
  • Foot Craft Project
  • Sign-a-Song
  • Manually Sign the Alphabet
  • Share a talent or skill are Regional Contests which lead to participation at the National Convention.
  • The new program after October is Puzzle Piece.