Grange National Convention

Each year, the National Grange holds a convention for the delegate body to set the policy agenda for the upcoming year and members to attain their Seventh Degree. Convention is open to the public for most events, however the Seventh Degree conferral ceremony and the opening of the convention are limited to only Grange members.

Convention consists of daily sessions, committee meetings, workshops, a store, and an idea fair exhibit, in which different Granges share programs that are successful in their state. The convention has daily Grange Youth activities each day, along with Junior Grange activities, and activities for non-delegates.
Convention sites are rotated around the country among the five Grange regions.

Future National Conventions:

  • 151st Annual National Grange Convention
  • November 7-11, 2017
  • Red Lion Hotel at the Park
  • 303 W. North River Drive
  • Spokane, Washington 99202
  • 509-777-6300
  • 152nd National Grange Annual Convention
  • 153rd Annual National Grange Convention