The Grange's Legislative Legacy

Over the years the Grange has sponsored several initiatives and supported successful legislation. Among these were:
  • Initiative to the Legislature No. 1 (1929) allowing formation of public utility districts.
  • Initiative to the Legislature No. 2 (1935) making possible the blanket primary election process.
  • Successful sponsorship of Initiative 872 (2004) to replace the blanket primary with a constitutional “top two” qualifying primary. The Grange spearheaded the defense against relentless attacks on the top-two by the state’s political parties, finally securing a 7-2 affirmation in the United States Supreme Court.
  • Endorsement of full development of the Columbia River for power and irrigation.
  • Active involvement in cooperatives for the benefit of producers and consumers.
  • Support of agricultural research and the extension service, the agency which transfers new developments to those who need it.
  • Initiative to the Legislature No. 59 (1977), the Family Farm Water Act, which greatly enhanced the survival of family farms in Washington.
  • Commitment to agriculture education resulting in legislation (1983) mandating this program by the Superintendent of Public Instruction.